Browse filters and set the Mix between dry signal and effected signal.


Save and then share, or re-load from the file browser


Use the Sampler to record new audio, or load audio from the File Browser window.


Quick Start

Using SpaceSampler on your iPhone/iPod Touch

Recording Audio

To record new audio: Press the red Record icon in the sampler. This will begin recording. Press the Record or Stop icon to stop recording. Press Record again to resume, or Stop to return to the beginning of the new recording. Notice the counter and resume recording icon in the greeen LCD screen. Recordings are automatically saved to the File Browser.

Loading Audio

To load audio from the File Browser: Press the file broswer icon. Navigate to the audio you wish to use, and select it. Press the orange load button at the bottom of the screen. If you wish to paste audio from another app, press the "Paste Button" and follow the directions on screen.

Applying a Single Filter

Once you have recorded/loaded audio, you will be able to hear that audio in SpaceSampler with a filter applied after pressing the green Play button in the sampler and turning the Mix knob toward "Wet". You can hear your audio through different filters by pressing the left/right arrows in the IR Browser. EQ can be added by swipping from Right to Left on the main screen.

Applying Multiple Filters

You can apply multiple filters by recording/loading audio, applying a filter, and Rendering. Then use the File Browser to select the newly-saved audio, load this into the sampler and apply another filter. Experimenting with different filter and mix combinations, as well as the order of applying filters can give great results.

Direct Monitoring

Selecting the headphone icon with no audio loaded into the sampler will enable Direct Monitoring. When Direct Monitoring is enabled, you will be able to hear live audio from the built-in microphone, or whatever is connected to the audio input of your iOS device. Select the filter and adjust the mix to make real-time changes. If you do not hear anything after pressing direct monitoring, go to the file browser and then back to the main screen, without loading any audio. This will ensure no audio is loaded into the sampler.

Rendering (Saving) Audio

Tap the Render icon (looks like a circle with an arrow) to save the filtered version of the audio to your File Browser.

Looping Audio

Tap the right hand side of the sampler LCD until the loop icon turns red. Audio loaded in the sampler will now loop until stopped or the right hand side of the LCD is tapped a second time.

Deleting Audio

You can erase audio in the File Browswer by clicking Edit and then clicking the minus sign next to the audio file you wish to delete. Alternatively, you can swipe from left to right over the audio in the File Browser.

Renaming Audio

You can rename audio in the File Browswer by clicking Edit and then clicking directly on the text field of the audio file you wish to rename.

Sharing Audio

You can share audio from the File Browswer by selecting the audio file you wish to share, and then clicking the Share button at the bottom of the screen. Follow the on-screen notifications depending on the share method you wish to use. Currently supported sharing methods are MAPI Audio Copy, e-mail, Dropbox & SoundCloud. iTunes file sharing is also supported through the iTunes application on your desktop computer.

Audio Options

Several audio options are available on the info screen. When "Save Original File" is turned off, only rendered mixes with filters will be saved. "Limit IR Length" defaults to off and should be turned on only if running SpaceSampler on older iOS hardware (3GS and older). "Share Encoding" specifies the type of file shared.


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